Samm Henshaw - Broke by E

Samm Henshaw can do no wrong. Between his raw vocals, hooks that could catch the most cycnical listener, beautiful instrumentation, and purely honest lyrics - and all of this wrapped together by that ineffable energy held by those who are meant to create music - it's no surprise his latest single is just as enchanting.

"Broke" is cute and simple, a look at that moment you've realized that absolutely everything has gone to shit and you've got to start somewhere and get it together. If "maybe she's got a point / who gets the sack from Five Guys?" doesn't make you laugh and fall in love then the careful repetition of "the only thing I need is to be loved by you" should do it.

Take a listen, watch the video, follow all those links for more. Start supporting artists like Samm Henshaw, we all deserve to hear what else he has to say.

Photo Credit Jordy Bikila

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Starley - Love Is Love by E

Starley's new video for single "Love Is Love" delivers a simple message and while it's one we've heard before, it bears repeating (because some people just can't seem to grasp the concept).

Sweet photobooth asides blend personal affirmations in with Starley's honest recounting of her own experiences with coming to find herself and discovering real love; each snapshot proving that whether it's romantic, familial, platonic, or friendship, love is love, and it's the only universal truth worth saving.

Listen to Starley's "Love Is Love" now and follow all those links below for more to love.

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Transviolet - Undo by E

Transviolet's "Undo" is gentle at first listen yet pulses with life and a strength so vibrant it's worthy of listening to again and again. A video which features the wrecking of all the delicate things with a knowing composure broken up only by free, honest dancing is entrancing in its truth. All that dance and destruction take their lead from the track's heady dynamics which wrap themselves beautifully and securely around each perfectly put lyric before that final looming "I've been undone long before you" echoes through in a beautiful reassertion of power that cannot, and will not, be taken away.

It all comes together to create something so self-aware, unhindered, and finally at peace that you can't help but fall completely in love.

Check out all the sites below for more and watch the video, on repeat.

Photo Credit Taylor Lewis

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Gnash - Dear Insecurity ft Ben Abraham by E

Gnash's "Dear Insecurity" featuring Ben Abraham is adorable. A short and sweet ode to self-acceptance led by a loosely poignant storyline that's raw, pure, and just simply free, "Dear Insecurity" is perfect in its ease.

As always, Gnash has created something wholly listenable - in the best way - and just catchy enough to get stuck in your head for a long time, so check it out below and follow those links for more to get hooked on.

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