Girls / by E

Decorations' "Girls" hits instantly with driving, controlling beats and remarkably bright synths that all take a step back in time to let you focus on wonderfully dense verses beore slipping into a chorus you've no choice but to dance to.

Insistently upbeat and cleverly honest, the track pulses with its own life; a sense of irrepressible youth and bubbly fun we can't stop listening to.

Says frontman Devon Geyer of the track, "This is like new wave without all the sadness. 'Girls' is forcing yourself to accept a better standard even though you've grown accustomed to society's standards of vapid hookups. It's a rejection of the culture of settling for a shitty relationship."

Catch the video, follow the links, listen for "Girls" to be featured in an episode of Quantico to air March 13th, and get the Girls EP, out now.

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