Sons & Daughters / by E

The musical genius of Bird of Youth's Beth Wawerna lies in her frank writing style and elusive sound that feels something like the lovechild of Florence + The Machine and LP with an extra shot of unrelenting strength in the heavy but warm beats and gorgeously raw vocals that deliver already great lines with a tangible fervor you can't shake.

In an eloquent 'fuck it', "Sons & Daughters" is all the tiresome frustration of the day to day topped off with a beautifully unforgiving attitude and a bridge so perfect you can't help but get caught up in it.

A music video that plays along and a verse as truly great as "you'll lead them like lambs to slaughter then you bleed them dry and pretend till it's time to skip town again and I'm just looking down the barrel of another dead end" should have you in love with no hope of return, so head to the sites below for more and look for Get Off to be released May 20th.

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