Premiere: Unstoppable - Aishlinn Kivlighn / by E

With a warmth and enthusiasm that's contagious, Aishlinn Kivlighn holds a musical confidence and self-awareness beyond her 13 years.

The acoustic video for "Unstoppable" presents a vulnerable side to the originally bouncing track; as addictive as ever, but with an impressive dose of authenticity as Aishlinn delivers raw emotions in a pure state.

Sweet reminders ring out in lyrics flush with hope and persistence, sure to have the dreamer in you addicted, before slipping into a huge chorus - and even larger bridge - that Aishlinn's soaring vocals tackle with a fearless ease and natural swing; the powerful effect is one that will have you listening again and again.

Says Aishlinn of the single, "it's empowering and it's not just about empowering yourself, but also helping others ... even though I didn't personally write it, I feel so connected to it, because it so well relates to my values and things I try to do for other people and for myself".

Don't let her age fool you, the acoustic video for "Unstoppable" undoubtedly proves that Aishlinn can just as easily sing a soft and pretty verse as she can belt out a powerful bridge and we can't wait to see what she continues to do.

Watch the irrepressible new acoustic video for her single "Unstoppable" below, catch up with Aishlinn in her interview with us here, and head to all those sites below to stay up to date with this not to be missed young singer.

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