The Virginmarys - Motherless Land Press Release / by E

Hailing from Macclesfield, England, The Virginmarys make anthems that scream with all the potent sound and fury of modern punk acts, brimming with the honesty of prime British rock of the early 1970’s, before the wizards and capes overcame the attack and dynamic.

The energetic three-piece arrive with a compelling video for their single, "Motherless Land".

Taken from their sophomore release, Divides, the visuals are a fitting match the song. Directed by Kyle Cogan and produced by Drew Morris, the video follows a homeless couple as they train-hop across America, and builds from the themes that are entrenched throughout the album.

“There’s a lot of singing for the beaten-down and the people who don’t have a voice,” says Virginmarys singer and guitarist Ally Dickaty. “This particular song is about a couple that is escaping from the society that they’re living in because they’ve just had enough of it.”

Photo Credit Alex Wright

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