Crack Your Skull / by E

The tragic romance of Dennis Kalla's "Crack Your Skull" (featuring The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived) comes through in beautifully descriptive lyrics that cling to a sick sense without veering from romance, all while laying over an anthemic pop melody and hypnotically looping beat.

Haunting and painfully gorgeous with an emphasis on moving forward and emotive vocals that could enrapture the most passive of listeners, Kalla's lead single off his The Ones That Matter EP (out today on BD Pop and featuring two more tracks as disarming and beautiful as this) is a 3 minute shot - and only a small part of the story - of Kalla's own struggles to find a way back to life after depression.

A narrow narrative set to dark yet charming verses and a desperate back and forth will have you playing this one on repeat for awhile.

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