Hard Liquor / by E

If you're not already on the edge of your seat for SOHN's Rennen, his latest single "Hard Liquor" presents the strongest argument yet that this is no sophomore slump.

Tangibly rich and packed with so many combating elements it should be too thick, too much happening in too condensed of a space, but it spins itself out in embracive melodies, abrasive lyrics, and a beautifully cinematic atmosphere that reins in heavy beats with such inherent ease it can't be ignored.

SOHN is no stranger to weaving together cinematic elements with straight storytelling and tying it into hooks which turn melancholy into dance, but "Hard Liquor" sees the London-born artist at the top of his game.

Director Jovan Todorovic best sums up the video with his explanation, "SOHN sent us a frame from Jurassic Park, a cup of water with ripples in it resonating from the massive steps of the approaching T-Rex. The concentric circles inspired me to look for more circles, not only in the physical world, but even more importantly within my inner life. A line is not enough to symbolise the vector of one’s life, I feel it’s maybe better represented as a progression of circles that are chained together. So this video is about circles and lines, the past, present and future, regret, anger, despair… being lost in the tunnel of ones inner life and the physical labyrinth that surrounds us. In the end we face our own self, and we are led to dive deeper within. To me the video is very meaningful on a personal level, but I tried to paint it in such a way so everyone could potentially reflect on themselves. We shot the video back home in Serbia and were lucky to find some amazing locations, and a wonderful crew. But it was Dado [Ćosić], one of the most talented theater actors in Croatia today, who really gave the video its substance".

Check out the video below, head to those sites for more, and look for SOHN to release his sophomore album, Rennen, Friday, January 13th via 4AD / Remote Control Records - you don't want to miss this one.

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