Natural / by E

Russ Macklin's "Natural" featuring Kyle Reynolds is a cool step up from the electronic pop you're used to; with its thoughtful lyrics, warm melody, and cool beat it's everything you need right now to dance around and de-stress.

Said the two of the track, "I had this track and we pretty much just had it playing on a loop, what we thought would be the chorus. Kyle was humming and words were just slipping out and non-words were coming in there and I was like, "hey, whoa, did you just say natural?" and he was like, "uh, yeah, totally," so I was like, "okay, feels so natural" and that's where we went. We literally went from that title word" (Macklin) "...and it's very obvious when something is natural, as far as chemistry, and it's very obvious when something is not and feels forced and uncomfortable. We had the idea of natural, so we, together, painted this picture" (Reynolds).

A gentle mix of the singer-songwriter style with pure pop - full of irresistible melodies, catchy hooks, and a chorus that only takes one listen to fall for - Macklin's easy control over his production and Reynolds' emotive vocals lift the track to something listenable, pure, and just real damn good. We'd recommend listening to the unstoppable single all weekend, so check out their interview here and follow all those sites to stay up to date with Russ Macklin and Kyle Reynolds.

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