Vagabon - Cold Apartment / by E

Vagabon's "Cold Apartment" is an honest reflection on small regrets, longing, acceptance, and an absolute determination to move on.

A fresh indie sound stripped down to its core is paired with an equally poignant video by Faye Orlove. The simple images of a bed in need of new sheets, a movie once loved but now tainted and things forgotten to now be thrown out scream of the steady (sometimes forced) growth and slow clean up that comes after a break-up, all with a simple beat that carries it along and a hypnotic riff to hold it all together.

If you've not already fallen in love with Vagabon's sound, 2018 is the year to do so. Listen to her debut album Infinite Worlds (out now) and watch the video below before heading to all those sites below for more.

Photo Credit Daniel Dorsa

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