Samm Henshaw - Broke / by E

Samm Henshaw can do no wrong. Between his raw vocals, hooks that could catch the most cycnical listener, beautiful instrumentation, and purely honest lyrics - and all of this wrapped together by that ineffable energy held by those who are meant to create music - it's no surprise his latest single is just as enchanting.

"Broke" is cute and simple, a look at that moment you've realized that absolutely everything has gone to shit and you've got to start somewhere and get it together. If "maybe she's got a point / who gets the sack from Five Guys?" doesn't make you laugh and fall in love then the careful repetition of "the only thing I need is to be loved by you" should do it.

Take a listen, watch the video, follow all those links for more. Start supporting artists like Samm Henshaw, we all deserve to hear what else he has to say.

Photo Credit Jordy Bikila

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