Kodaline - Head Held High by E

Kodaline delivers yet another beautiful - and uplifting in a realistic sort of way - video with their latest "Head Held High" off the forthcoming album Politics Of Living.

There's a pureness to the track that glows as if it's not afraid to go forth and be heard: a simple mirror of the sweet message it's hoping to spread.

It's lovely, and you should give it a listen or two. In a gentle turn from their previous work, these new tracks seem to breathe with actual life, an energy that sparks with those raw moments of the present, leaving behind the tragedy of the what-ifs and finding solid ground among the real and true of the now. Politics Of Living could be their best to date.

Watch the video below, follow those sites, and pre-order your copy of Politics Of Living, to be released September 28.

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