Danielle Prou / by E

Danielle Prou may be young but her authentic sound and powerful voice are self-assured and ready to be heard.

Says Prou of her music style "...I'm not trying to label myself as anything - people want me to but I have no idea. If I'm listening to country recently, maybe my songs will sound more country; if I'm listening to rock, maybe my songs will sound more rock..." and speaking on her personal aesthetic "...for my first performance, I bought a really pretty party dress and inappropriately tall heels and I just was so ready to be 'pop star' and now I've sort of come into my own style; now when I go onstage, I have to beg my manager to let me wear my dirty, ugly sneakers, and my jeans, and my big, ugly T-shirts".

There's an ease with which Prou talks about her own songs, an inherent honesty that shows the music is what it is and that there are no false assumptions or forced upon emotions waiting to fool you, just good music with a message that looks to help others in the same way it has the artist herself. "As an introvert... those off the stage interactions with fans and the audience and other artists had me having heart attacks constantly and I was just a nervous wreck all the time and I was no fun to be around. I was in a heavy mood because I was just never happy and the peace of music was being disturbed by the fact that I was having all this anxiety," said Prou of "The Healer", following with "I wrote that song and it's just about someone who's really struggling and they're trying to find someone else who will understand, but the only person who will understand is someone who's also struggling".

While "The Healer" takes a more serious approach, Prou talked of other tracks like "another original called "Humerus", spelled like the arm bone instead of the other word - I thought it was kind of dumb to do that and I kind of love it. That one's about being shy and how a shy person navigates their love life, which is, basically, they don't navigate it at all. I think that's one people will really like and hopefully really relate to and it's not as dark as "The Healer"; it's sort of sarcastic, but it's still fun".

When asked what she hoped other listeners could take from her music, Prou responded "I hope they're able to take away who I am. I guess it might sound cliché, but all the music that I make, even the covers that I do, they have a personal meaning to me; I don't just put out songs that are inane or empty, I put out songs with feelings and I put out my personal experiences".

Diversified but succinct, Danielle Prou's sound is still evolving and maturing, but in the way that all artists' sound does. With her undeniable authenticity and a mature voice that insists on making sure the music remains real, Danielle Prou is an artist worth hearing.

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