Computer Magic / by E

Computer Magic (aka Danielle 'Danz' Johnson) presents an alluring mix of authentic and lovely electronic music.

Describing her upcoming album as "a vast array of the different sounds of Computer Magic" and her sound as "synth-pop, dream-pop, something like that... some people would say it's electronic, but it's not too electronic where it's like super dance-y all the time, so I guess it just varies on the person's opinion," Computer Magic leaves the interpretation to the listener and, with a wide range of sounds, there's plenty of room to fall for her style. "I feel like all the songs are different in a way, so they showcase the different varieties of music that I make".

Of her music, Danz simply states "I hope that people enjoy it and that it inspires them to do something fun for themselves. I never knew that I would be making music for a living and I have so much fun writing and making songs and I'm just happy that people enjoy them".

With a clean style, broad sound, and intricately emotive productions, Computer Magic's diversified sound is one to look for and pay attention to.

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