Dear You Tour / by E

       Dear You is going to be heading out on tour in a few weeks and you can check HERE to see if they're going to come to your town. If you love the music and want to see them live, make sure to donate to the band by clicking on this link, so that they can make another album and go on tour again (because they need a longer tour with more venues [Florida venues]). Since it's been a few months since I've had to pay for any books or courses, I'm feeling rich (..relatively.. though I'm sure this last year will try to kill me) and am more than willing to give money to help the band make another album so that I can continue listening to their music.
       The guys seem awesome and I'm kind of in love with their music ("16 Miles", "August Almost Broke Me", and "The Way You Left Me" are great) and "If Worries Were Weights" is, in its entirety, amazing. Seriously, making a song and video aimed at reaching out to those who need help is pretty overly great; that alone should convince you that this band needs to keep making music.
       So donate if you can (it's hardly anything and you get gifts; you're basically shopping for a good cause) because I'm sure the band has a lot of good music to come. 
       If you haven't heard this song yet, I can only assume that this is your first time on the blog. Welcome, feel free to look around because there's awesome music everywhere (including this song).
       "If Worries Were Weights" Dear You
- E
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