New Bands to Watch / by E

       Now that many of the past year's 'bands to watch' have become household names (WALK THE MOON [my first post; the writing's probably pretty rough], Kodaline, Youngblood HawkeWalk off the Earth, and Passenger, to name a few [and I fully expect LPLondon Grammar, Hunter HuntedThe Rebel Light, and Paper Route to join them]) , I think it's time to start on a whole new batch of 'bands to watch'. Are you excited? Because I know I am.
       If you have something awesome to share, send it to me at or DM my twitter or, if I've already fallen for you music, I might seek you out to ask you about it (maybe.. I did just fail horribly at asking a guy out for the first time so my ego's been shot, then held under water for ten minutes and forced to die an excruciatingly slow death.. To be fair, I didn't actually get to the asking out part because I got too flustered and was like "screw it. It wouldn't last anyways", so I guess I didn't technically fail..). Honestly though, I will be nothing less than crazy nice and would love to talk with you.
       So get ready for awesome new music because I can't wait to start sharing it with you guys.
- E
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