"All I Want" Part 2 / by E

       Kodaline released their music video for "All I Want" Part 2 today and, as expected, it's amazing. The story-line is both heartbreaking and adorable and, while it was hard to watch in the beginning because I kept thinking something awful was bound to happen, now I can't stop watching it on repeat. It does as much justice to this gorgeous song as Part 1 did, although, watching a second video centering around this guy's super emotional life has me way too invested in a fictional character's world; he better end up happy.
       Before going any further, make sure to watch Part 1.
       If you're still not a fan of the band (in which case I can only assume that you are completely emotionless), watch the video below, because it will turn you.
       This guy cannot keep track of his bag. Never in my life have I been like "I AM SO OVERWHELMED; I MUST THROW MY BAG ON THE GROUND AND RUN AWAY". This guy's complete ineptitude at keeping track of his belongings probably annoys me way more than it should but, seriously dude, just hold onto your bag. 
       The entire premise of this music video is almost more heartbreaking for me than Part 1, because seeing your dog running towards you after they've been lost for a few days is one of the absolute best feelings in the world, and when Digby's return was timed perfectly with the song's crescendo, I about lost it. Kodaline's music, and videos, will tear at your heart, and that's why they're perfect.
- E
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