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       Kodaline's been keeping busy since the release of their first full length album (In A Perfect World) and, with it reaching the top of the charts and staying there, who could blame them? So, if you're a fan (and you should be), here's a few of the most recent updates.
       The band is setting off on their North American tour (though it's really more of a glorified 'Northernmost area of the US with a few West coast and one Canadian date thrown in' tour...) so you can check here to see if they're going to be performing anywhere near you, because I'm sure they would be amazing live (though I've gotten over missing out on seeing them open for The Airborne Toxic Event this summer because I got to find out about Leagues instead, and hearing Cockrell state that "listening to an opening band is like being stuck in a thirty minute conversation you never wanted to have" may be the best thing an opening band has ever said [plus the band's adorable and fun and their music's awesome]).
       Kodaline's been doing a lot of live sessions lately but, if I sounded that amazing, I'd be showing it off too. Honestly, no song has as an opening guitar riff as sweet and satisfying as Kodaline's live session of "Brand New Day" and "Love Like This" may sound better during this live set than it does recorded; it's gorgeous and I'm continually awestruck by this band's ridiculous talent. The band also did a live cover of Macklemore's "Same Love" and the best way I can describe is as a gorgeous mess; while Garrigan's vocals are gorgeous (as always), the female vocals were there for a reason and it doesn't carry the same rhythm as the original so it just feels off. Kodaline is amazing, but I maintain that this is the best way to listen to "Same Love". The band's acoustic set of "High Hopes" is beautiful though and I can't get over how amazing these guys sound every time they perform. When a band sounds the same live as they do recorded, you have to support them so they can continue making music. 
       "All I Want" Part 2 is set for release October 4th and, with an adorable story-line from the first video and a perfectly gorgeous song, I can't wait to see what the band premieres (watch Part 1 here). 
       Their album will be available in the US October 8th and is available for pre-order on iTunes now (if you've purchased their music previously, the album's only going to cost you around $4, which is awesome if you're embarrassingly broke). Before buying it though, you can stream In A Perfect World on Rdio for free (click on this link and start an account or check out the previews below). Take the time to check it out, if only to start obsessing over "One Day" and "Big Bad World" before the album's released.
       If you want to read more about Kodaline, just type their name in the search box in the upper left corner, because there has been a lot on the blog about this band; their songs are kind of the most amazing thing to happen to music in a while.
- E
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