Open Heart Surgery / by E

Lulling chords and a sweet rhythm make up Farewell Davidson's "Open Heart Surgery" from their debut EP Hometown Lights.

Provocative lines "talkin' to me, oh can't you see I'm not listening, the water's for free, but oh you can be so belittling" and "the time we spent it, it's all empty, oh yeah you meant, oh how you said it's just all a dream" articulately describe those people who know exactly what to say to get to you and are tied up nicely with the recurring "open heart surgery, save some time for the freaks". 

An instrumental bridge focuses on prominent drums, fun guitar riffs, and a mellow bass, rounded out by a sweet vocal hook that gives the track a satisfyingly 'homey' feel.

Farewell Davidson is currently in the studio working on their second EP, so listen to "Open Heart Surgery" below and head to the sites to find out more about the band.  

"Open Heart Surgery" Farewell Davidson

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