Dancing World / by E

Lyrics come out layered with eloquently put verses "and children do shimmies wearing new designer sunglasses, I used to wear flannel shirts when I was a child, but I don't wear them anymore" pulling distinctions from either side of the lyric line while the stream of consciousness writing style allows the track to feel light and lofty.

A playful composition allows lines like "I found my savior on the floor, and he was high as me, and he said it's a dancing world, so dance for me, we'll all be free in the underworld", "I see the pain in your eyes, when you dance with me" and "dancing world, I've had enough, can you beam up" to come out without sounding too dark. 

The video unrolls in time with the song's dynamics, slowly descending into nothing while a pretty melody carries on steadily throughout and Andy's unique vocals carry out poetic lines that mix transfixingly with jumping synths, urgent strings, and the solid beat. 

With inspired lyrics and a desperately addictive melody the track from Andy Clockwise's Dancing World EP is infectious; watch the video for the single below and grab the Dancing World EP from iTunes now. 

"Dancing World" Clockwise

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