The House / by E

Air Traffic Controller's impossibly addictive single "The House" holds a hard hitting down beat that's set off by a light and running synth line in an endearingly sweet return to pop basics that reminds you why you fell in love with the genre in the first place.

Fun riffs and a danceable melody are pulled together by a prominent rhythm while alluringly smooth vocals hold your attention with lines "we had the house where everybody came, we had the music, we played the games, and nobody's parents worried 'bout mine, my mother never left one child behind" and "this was the house where everybody goes, so much to see in every window, the band's in the basement putting on a show, and the girls in the living room playing Nintendo" which perfectly encapsulate the love you have for your childhood home. 

Check out the latest single from Boston based Air Traffic Controller, get "The House" from iTunes now, and head to the sites to hear more of their addictive tracks. 

"The House" Air Traffic Controller

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