Stowaways / by E

Fragile Creatures' "Stowaways" heads in a completely different direction than their last single, "Sunshine", yet the haunting track still manages to feel just right with the versatile band's consistently catchy riffs and articulate lyrics. 

Wandering guitar riffs, fun piano lines, and a sweet bass are held together by a steady rhythm and pure vocal hooks while the urgent chorus hits sweetly with lines "and we will stow away upon the first ship out of here, we'll float into outer space, yeah we'll disappear, and the world seems very small now from the window of this vessel, and we don't know where they're taking us" landing in an impossibly catchy melody that will be running around your head all day. 

Listen to Fragile Creatures latest single below and head to the sites to hear other great tracks.

"Stowaways" Fragile Creatures

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