Fire / by E

Latest single from Gavin DeGraw sees the music moving towards a more structured pop production but the effortlessly smooth jazz undertones are still in full force with soulful melodies, full rhythms, and urgent lyrics.

Fun lines "let's start a riot tonight, a pack of lions tonight, in this world, he who stops won't get anything he wants, play like the top one percent, till nothing's left to spent, we don't care, we won't stop, call your mothers, call the cops" stand in seemingly innocent opposition to DeGraw's achingly pure vocals but the easy transition from anger to "oh, ever since the dawn of mankind, we all belong to a tribe, it's good to know this one's mine" shows off the authentically smooth quality inherent in all of DeGraw's work.

Gavin DeGraw will be releasing his next album, Finest Hour: The Best of Gavin DeGraw, featuring new singles "You Got Me" and "Fire", October 21st; look for the pre-order on iTunes soon. 

"Fire" Gavin DeGraw

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