To The Stars / Under Your Spell / by E

Christian Dupree's genuine vocals stand out confidently on his newly released live tracks from Pursuit of Happiness that easily showcase carefully crafted melodies and uninhibited emotions. 

"To The Stars" is utterly calming with lyrics that are sweet without being saccharine: articulate verses with the repeating "let me fly you to the stars with all my love" made to make you fall. It's undulating melodies and simple beats and everything you can lay back and lose yourself in. 

"Under Your Spell" stands opposite "To The Stars" with relaxed beats and sweet chords made to make you smile with lyrics that are less promising and simply more assured; it's fun and easy and you'll be hooked in seconds.

Dupree's honeyed - untouched - vocals add an air of easy authenticity to both tracks, making his live recordings absolutely irresistible. Christian Dupree's tracks are just good, honest music with comfortable riffs, fun melodies, and easy bared emotions you don't want to miss, so check out the singles and head to all the sites below for more.

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