America / by E

There's not much we have to add to The Airborne Toxic Event's newly released single and simple video for "America" that they haven't already eloquently put. If you haven't yet fallen for their sound, it's time to really discover how beautiful their lyrics are and how transfixing their music is.

TATE shines at every live show, they're up for discussing anything and everything of importance with a wonderful control of language and understanding of climate, and we'd like you to keep in mind that waiting in line for a few hours to vote is nothing compared to the years our ancestors fought for our right to vote in divisive and important elections like this one, so do your part.

Nothing is for sale. Vote. "America" in America you're born with a silver spoon or in the back of the bus by the light of the moon and when you die they say "it'll all be changing soon and you'll be free, you'll be free, you'll be free."

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