Young / by E

There's a remarkable freshness to Cosmos & Creature's sound, a gentle recollection and knowing growth rather than the beckoning to days past and forced upon youth that lays within that of their contemporaries.

"Young" is ready-made for cool days and late nights, with the progressive pop duo's (Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore) lyric video, and single itself, capturing their journey to success with catchy hooks and an impossible to forget chorus you won't mind being stuck on.

“Our writing process is very cosmic and natural,” explains Brandyn. “Sometimes we’ll have ideas written down or voice notes of melodies saved on our phones & save them for the right moment or the right setting. That’s how ‘Young’ happened actually. We had written this hook together & saved it on a voice note. Soon as we got to upstate NY to work with our producers, we sang them the hook. I pulled out a note that had some scribbled down thoughts. Next thing you know the song was in full swing”.

Fluid and fluent, you don't want to miss falling for Cosmos & Creature, so watch the new lyric video below and look for their debut EP to come soon.

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