Dollar And A Dream / by E

Miles Glyphers gives us a look into the future of rap with smooth melodies and hypnotic beats that support authentic, narrative-style lyrics in his latest single "Dollar and a Dream" off his new EP, Third World Child.

Realistically hopeful and melodically entrancing, the single's easy to hear once and fall for, but the video pushes the track over the edge with a too easy contrast between two worlds while "I got a dollar and a dream" hits on repeat.

Said Miles of the video, "Dollar and a Dream was shot in one day, parts of the video were filmed in St Mary's, a poor suburb in western Sydney where I live. The final part was shot on the sand dunes in Cronulla, a much wealthier area located on east side of Sydney showing the journey I hope to make, and contrast between the two sides of city."

While rap everywhere is evolving and expanding, it's tracks like Australian rapper Miles Glyphers' "Dollar and a Dream" that have us most excited for what comes next. A straightforward chorus repeats "we all gotta be something so nobody worthless" with a simple and earnest charm that has us anxious to hear more, so be sure to check out the video and head to all those sites below.

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