The Slumlord's Kids / by E

The recently released video for "The Slumlord's Kids" off Nathan Leigh's upcoming Ordinary Eternal Machinery is terribly catchy with a jaunty piano riff, running drums, intelligent and bare lyrics, the perfect amount of trilling horns, and a video that not-so-subtly refuses to back down.

Of the single, Leigh said, "I wrote it about a conversation that I had about Donald Trump and the way that real estate is handled in New York and the cycles of gentrification and that we put wealthy people in positions of power in order to make life better for those of us on the lower end of the economic spectrum and they kind of never do" (read more of Nathan's interview here).

Nathan Leigh's signature sound is, to us, addictive music with an honest message, and we think you all should take a close listen. Sweeter and harder hitting with each listen, "The Slumlord's Kids" should have you ready for more, so look for his upcoming album Ordinary Eternal Machinery, to be released January 2017.

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