Larger Than This Life / by E

Cinematic in a climactic sense, Morgan Mallory's "Larger Than This Life" is impossible to pass over and harder still to forget.

Deceptively quiet, story driven verses build to a resounding anthem of a chorus with thought-provoking lyrics, prominent beats, and huge vocal hooks that'll have any romantic swooning before sliding into a riff-ruled bridge sure to have you honestly and completely hooked on a single that insists you listen again and again.

With a flawless production of balanced beats, easy vocals, eloquent lines, and a careful but moving melody, the whole track plays out so strikingly clever that it's nearly impossible to believe it's off a debut album and we can't wait to hear more.

Check out the single, look for Morgan's forthcoming album, Manifesto, to be released later this year, and catch up with the artist in his interview here.

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