Save Your Love / by E

We've been digging everything Drawing North has been teasing from El Dorado and if you haven't already fallen for their sound, now's the time to do so, because "Save Your Love" is ready to top your Spring jams and play out your Summer plans.

An easy mix of pure pop and irrepressible energy with the band's signature articulate and romantic lyrics, you can just as easily blast "Save Your Love" on your way to the first festival of the season or lay back and soak in their undoubtedly underrated production and impressive lyrical ability. Pure riffs, a pretty but smart melody, charming verses, and an impossibly huge stadium ready chorus gives "Save Your Love" all the makings of a Summertime hit.

Seriously, the precision with which Drawing North's music is crafted - without losing its personality or authenticity - has us not so patiently awaiting the release of the Australian five-piece's forthcoming album, El Dorado. Check out the single, catch up with the band in their interview with us, and head to all those sites below for much more.

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