Slow And Steady / by E

There's no way for us to give an unbiased review of Leagues' music. We love their sound, their productions are almost eerily intelligent, and their live show plays out more like a hangout with friends than a show for fans - they're just that good - so it's no surprise their recent singles have us excited for their forthcoming second full length, Alone Together, and "Slow And Steady" is no exception.

Think the smooth coolness of The Airborne Toxic Event but hopeful and seamlessly cinematic but still approachable and you've got Leagues latest single, "Slow And Steady".

It's raw - the good raw that speaks the truth without ego or exaggeration - and there's nothing quite like stopping what you're doing, laying back, and really listening to it; you can't help but smile at the brevity of the lyrics and those irresistibly astute production touches. Leagues makes minimal but complex sound so easy to pull off.

Check out the single, head to the sites, and look for Alone Together to be released September 9th on Dualtone.

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