All We Ever Knew / by E

The Head and the Heart have released the music video for the first single off their forthcoming album, Signs of Light, "All We Ever Knew". Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the video holds the same unmitigated peace of the song itself, time for reflection and time with friends seamlessly mixing together creating a video that's seemingly pulsing with pure life, happiness, and all-accepting love.

The beautifully written lyrics ache and lean against a sturdy beat and wonderfully freeing melody made for dancing in a song that should have, by now, won you over if you weren't already a fan. Honestly, the song's like sunshine and that near therapeutic feeling you get when hiking alone while the video's friends and safe places; it's a beautiful and addictive combination and we can't get enough.

Look for The Head and the Heart's Signs of Light to be released on September 9th on Warner Bros. Records and purchase a ticket, online, for one of their shows now to automatically get their standard album, your choice of digital or physical, when it's released.

Photo Credit: James Minchin

Signs Of Light Tracklisting

  1. All We Ever Knew

  2. City of Angels

  3. Rhythm & Blues

  4. False Alarm

  5. Dreamer

  6. Library Magic

  7. Turn It Around

  8. Colors

  9. Take a Walk

  10. Oh My Dear

  11. I Don't Mind

  12. Your Mother's Eyes

  13. Signs of Light


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