A Living Human Girl / by E

We love, love, love The Regrettes' "A Living Human Girl" and can't get enough of the newly released video directed by Steve Mertens.

The song and (its matching video) is a feminist anthem for women everywhere (even for those of you still too scared off by the wrongful vilification and radicalization of feminism to adopt that term) with a head-on approach to tired concepts and unapologetic truths.

Says 15 year old frontwoman Lydia Night, "the song’s video is also chock-full of (visual) real talk, exploring the idea of girls as paper dolls to be dressed and judged by others: I feel like people want girls to be molded to their liking".

Their sound is impossibly structured and mature for such a fresh band and it's impossible to make it all the way to "sometimes I'm crazy and sometimes I'm not" without getting completely caught up, so take a look for yourself and fall in love with feminist punk rockers The Regrettes. Look for their debut album to drop in late 2016 or early 2017 and check out all those sites below for more, because we can't talk them up enough.

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