That's What I Like / by E

Pigeon John's "That's What I Like" is an irresistible slice of Summer pop custom made for hot beach days and impulsive nights.

Upbeat, pressing, and determined to make you move with a beat that won't stop, "That's What I Like" is everything a great dance song is and, without a doubt, this track will stay in that sweet spot of too addictive to let go and too catchy to forget (even when it's been circling your head for hours). You will find yourself humming this later and dancing without music, and that's okay.

Take a listen to Pigeon John's fantastic hip hop/rap/pop fusion, head to those sites, check out his previous single "The Bomb", and look for Pigeon John to release his new album, Good Sinner, on Dine Alone Records September 23rd.

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