All Of Me / by E

The latest single from Colorado duo Big Gigantic is a brilliantly huge piece of swoon-worthy electronic art.

Calculated and steady but bursting with emotion and a palpable sweetness, the entrancing purity of "All Of Me" sets the bar high with soft but prominent beats and luscious melodies that are carefully restrained over verses to make their release at the bridge that much more spectacular and lasting.

Lyrics hardly matter in a production this gorgeous, but Big Gigantic's sound is only further lifted by ROZES alluring vocals and catchy hook and Logic's attention to detail that highlights the beauty and honesty instrinsic in this track and makes it one you have to hear.

Look for Big Gigantic to release Brighter Future August 26th and catch them on tour starting October 18th, then be sure to head to their website to learn more about A Big Gigantic Difference Foundation and how you can help.

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