Wilder In The Heart / by E

Butch Walker's latest single release in anticipation of his upcoming album, Stay Gold (out August 26th on Lojinx), is a relentlessly nostalgic, gritty, down to the roots rock track; "Wilder In The Heart" is an honest look back at young love and all that growing up entails.

Don't mistake it as a simple love song though, Walker's penchant for narrative style writing with heavy nostalgia that easily dips from shared memories to vivid and unforgiving ego-centric views gives him an edge on other songwriters that's hard to beat and a production that is so steeped in desire and wanting warmth yet holds onto catchy hooks and memorable slides is hard to find.

As full of realism and unromanticized experience as the album itself, "Wilder In The Heart" and the upcoming Stay Gold is for anyone who appreciates truly great and authentic rock.

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