Best Bands to Watch in 2013 / by E

       Momma Holler is great; if you have not already fallen in love with those vocals and bought Pack Your Bags Junior, then do so now (I'll wait......). If you need some music that was not on their EP, check out "Any Way You Want Me To" because it will only make you more excited for a full length Momma Holler album.
       L.P. does not need much of an introduction anymore; she has grown from an unrecognizable artist on the festival circuit and become one of the most amazing vocalists of 2012. She is releasing her newest, full length, album in 2013 though and, if you need something new from her before then, she did lend her vocals to Christina Perri's cover of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)".
       I am never going to stop ranting about Sleeperstar because they are always amazing and, if there is one album in 2013 that I cannot wait for, it is their release of Blue Eyes EP (Just Another Ghost Extended Sessions) January 29th (and their full length album later in 2013). I cannot stress enough how great this band is; support them, buy their stuff, and get ready for all their new music.
       Tokyo Police Club will be releasing their next album in 2013 and, if it is half as good as Elephant Shell or Champ, it will be amazing; seriously, if there is any album I am more excited for than Blue Eyes, it is Tokyo Police Club's new album. They are amazing and, if you do not already have their music, buy it now.
       Kodaline may be greatly known overseas, but they're still getting popular in the US and, if you like them, support them and share their music so they can continue to grow their fan base. Their full length album, In A Perfect World, is set to be released March 15, 2013 and, with their song "All I Want" being featured in this year's "Year In Review" video, they should be getting a lot more popular (something which they deserve).
       WALK THE MOON has finally begun to get the attention they deserve after a great summer album release (self-titled Walk The Moon) and great music videos for those songs (everything from their 7in7 series to that, always amazing, "Anna Sun" music video); their music will probably begin infiltrating your radio stations sometime in the next few months (if it has not begun to do so already).
       Chris Wallace is going to be popular; it's that simple. At the very least, "Remember When (Push Rewind)" will be so overplayed by radio station DJ's that, by the time Wallace releases his next album, even I will be tired of that song.
       Ra Ra Riot will be releasing their next album, Beta Love, January 22nd and it's going to be great. They released the single "Beta Love" earlier this year and waited until December to release their newest single, "When I Dream," and both are an amazing mix of the sounds on their first and second albums; Beta Love will be amazing.
       Walk off the Earth is completely amazing and, after releasing a great EP (R.E.V.O.) which featured only their own songs (no covers mixed in with their originals), I cannot wait for their next full length album to be released in 2013 (so that I can listen to it, loudly, on repeat).
       There are other really amazing bands to watch (Two Gallants, Passenger, Paper Route), but their tours are coming to an end and they will be returning to their studios for another year or so to create more music and produce even better albums for 2014 (so they'll be on next year's "bands to watch in 2014" list).
- E
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