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       I have done updates on a few of the bands below but, for most of them, I just threw them out there and let them either get read or ignored. Now that my little sister is getting excited over the fact that a commercial featured a song by Youngblood Hawke, I thought I should go through and update you guys on each band. Each of the bands were good enough to listen to and write about initially, they should be good enough to spark someone's interest now ( and they all deserve that).
       WALK THE MOON has already been updated once before but, since then, the band has returned from the European portion of their tour and have performed at the iTunes Festival. That's not a lot of new news, is it? Their previous update was more exciting; read that.
       Youngblood Hawke is now on their US tour (opening for Passion Pit), they have made an official music video for "We Come Running," and they were mentioned on Ryan Seacrest's website (I may be the only one who thinks that's cool, but the band does deserve to have someone influential support them). Check out their tour dates and see if they're going to be near you; besides, Passion Pit always puts on a good live show.
       Sleeperstar is another band that I recently updated and, honestly, you're going to hear more from me about them. They're like Lady Danville, in that they will always be my favorite band and I will always be sharing some sort of song or information about them that you don't care about. Considering the fact that I only posted an update on the band about a week ago, and that they have been in the studio during the time since that update, the only new information is that they are releasing a video from their EP on December 31st; I believe I said that as calmly as I could, but I am really excited for it. The only music video they currently have is associated with, yet another, vampire franchise (though this does not make the song, or the band, any less great).
       Timmy Curran has made the least amount of musical career moves over the last few months, but that's the type of artist he is. He gives away his albums for free, does free shows, and is more interested in supporting causes than in making money. You can't not like Timmy Curran; it would make you a bad person (not really, just, he's so relaxed and good).
       Tokyo Police Club has been in the studio working on their next album, rumored to be released in 2013. All I have to say, is that the band needs to release a new album and go on their next tour, because my last Tokyo Police Club shirt is getting worn. You can let this tide you over until I come out with an overly excited post about Tokyo Police Club's newest album. I mean, if you're in Canada you can see them at one of their December shows, but otherwise, well, this is kind of a let down. Listen to Wright's newest project.
       Kodaline has been on tour and working in the studio. Stay in touch with the band by liking them on facebook or following on twitter; it will make you like them more. (Compared to the updates on other bands, Kodaline's is kind of sad, but I honestly have no new news from the band. Like WALK THE MOON, they have been so consumed with touring that it (the tour) is, really, the only newsworthy information about the band).
       L.P. is one of the few "bands to watch" that people really seemed to like so, of course, she has been updated (I'm not going to deny you your right to L.P; she's amazing). She has done interviews and shows to promote her album, which will be released in 2013, and has recorded her performance of "Fighting With Myself"; though she has been performing this song since, at least, her tour this past summer, this is the only clear recording of the song (it's great and, a reiteration from other posts about her, if you have the chance to see  her live, do not pass it up; she's an amazing performer and you will love her music by the end of her show). Other than that, the last update talked about her Letterman performance, her new video, and the announcement of her album release 'date' and covered everything which she has been up to lately.
      Momma Holler has released their first EP (which is, finally, available on iTunes) and have done a lot of marketing along the way. If you like the band, read their facebook posts (it only makes them more endearing) and listen to some of their performances (they are amazing live; talent like this is not common today).
        Two Gallants just released their latest album, The Bloom and the Blight (which was amazing, by the way), and will be all consumed with touring for the next year or so. If you're in Europe, you can look forward to their numerous tour dates; if you're in the US, you can fly to Europe (it's bound to be cooler there anyways).
       Paper Route has just ended their tour (they have two shows left) and released an amazing album in September, so you can expect to listen to that album for another year or two before the band gives us anything new. Keep checking the band's website and twitter to make sure you don't miss any new songs or shows.
- E
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